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The motive behind this mission is to empower Indian women from every corner of the country in such a way that they can deal with attackers without fear and keep themselves from any kind of harm. We hope to extend our hands to every such women who has gone through these kinds of situations, to women who has already been suffering from abuse on a daily basis and also to other women who are yet to face these dire situations. Nirbhau Naari Suraksha Foundation is dedicated to empowering Indian women and girls through self-defense training. Their mission is to create a culture of safety and respect for women, provide an empowering environment for them, and equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to protect themselves against gender-based violence. Through their innovative and effective teaching methods,  Nirbhau Naari Suraksha Foundation strives to provide a safe and empowering environment for women and girls. They have trained more than 2.5 lakh women and girls and have been running the self-defense training program with spectacular success. They are also working to make self-defense an integral part of the mindset and culture, especially among girls, and to make a business out of it.  Nirbhau Naari Suraksha Foundation is committed to ending violence against women and to providing a safe and empowering environment for them.

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